KieLive #28: Making Drools Available to Everyone

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Today we are excited to present live to the Kie Community about our success at simplifying Drools and making it more accessible to non-technical users in enterprise environments. Our platform, built around Drools, uses an interesting mix of Kubernetes, Knative, CamelK, and soon Kogito.

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About the speaker

KimJohn Quinn, Principal and Co-Founder at Logicdrop, brings over two decades of experience, across multiple industries, using rules to make the complex simpler, evangelizing new technologies, and showing clients how to gain valuable insights from their own data.

About the KIE Lives:

The KIE Live Series is composed of live streamings that bring technical information and updates about business automation delivered by the projects under the KIE umbrella: Drools, jBPM, OptaPlanner, and Kogito.

Problems like process automation, decision automation, resource planning solution are the main topics, and of course, we always have in mind recent technology concepts like cloud-native application target for any type of cloud (private/public/hybrid/edge). You can expect to hear from business automation experts who code or/and deliver business automation within big enterprises across the world.

Join us to share, learn, and grow together. Learn more at

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