Our Mission

We believe that good business relationships are forged by creating meaningful solutions to complex ideas.

Our Story

Founded by a group of content automation pioneers, Logicdrop set out in 2010 to solve the problem of automating the creation of complicated documents for the financial, government and insurance industries. These documents traditionally involved a large amount of manual effort and were difficult or even impossible to automate with the current available tools.

Using the novel approach of expert systems (a form of AI) to represent document logic and capture business knowledge directly in a document, template authors could now create smart templates that automatically produced even the most complicated contacts, reports, and proposals.

Our Approach

Rules, or expert systems, are a type of artificial intelligence that sits at the heart of all Logicdrop products. This technology has been used for years by financial and insurance institutions to calculate credit scores, financial risk, insurance premiums, and more. It allows a difficult problem or system to be broken down into many small and easily understood pieces known as business rules.

Using this approach, we enable subject matter experts to create solutions for a variety difficult challenges without coding. Instead, business users can define rules using natural language, spread sheets, and simple drag-and-drop editors.

What's Next

Now, we want to expand the idea of what problems rules and expert systems can tackle. Working closely with our industry partners we have created a comprehensive platform, Logicdrop Sparks, that makes it simple to incorporate rules into any business, with no coding. By maintaining compatibility with popular business rules management systems like Drools while simplifying management, deployment, and integration, Sparks provides a platform for experts and novices alike to use rules to automate content, transform and augment data, detect anomalies and errors, and more.