We fuel the Fortune 1000 to achieve their digital goals.

Founded in 2012, Logicdrop helps clients gain competitive advantages by leveraging the right technologies, processes, and expertise, using a mixture of seasoned technologists combined with students from local universities, to successfully build and deliver solutions that work.

Our flagship product, Logicdrop Studio™, is a scalable platform for document automation and business process management, which can run in the cloud or behind a company's firewall, that lets users easily define, execute and manage rules using their own data to produce a variety of outputs.

Logicdrop has built its reputation by building innovative products, offering first-class technology services and providing high-touch consulting to Fortune 1000 clients.

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Logicdrop delivers solutions that solve real business problems.


Improve the quality of your software delivery...

Our experience, with the latest development tools and methodologies as well as legacy and current technologies, puts us in the unique position of being able to turn any development and delivery pipeline into an effective and repeatable process.

We can work with your teams to:

  • Convert cumbersome fragile manual steps into an automated process
  • Optimize development and build processes using Maven, Gradle or Ant
  • Implement continuous integration with Jenkins or Travis
  • Use Docker to produce and deploy reliable environments
  • Provide constant visibility of the lifecycle through dashboards and reports
  • Apply Agile methodologies and development best-practices

Content Management Solutions

With the rise of cloud and mobile platforms, businesses are faced with the challenge of becoming quickly overwhelmed by the resulting explosion of content...

Logicdrop can combine and expose content and data to your partners or customers to seize this opportunity and gain a competitive advantage.

We can build a complete digital ecosystem that integrates your applications, social media, analytics, CRM, ERP and e-commerce platforms.

We can assist with:

  • Choosing and implementing a CMS platform
  • Developing pages, templates and components
  • Delivering content as a service through an API
  • Integrating third-party or external sources of data
  • Designing workflows

Technology Enablement

Logicdrop is not just any consulting company...

Our experienced executives, technologists, developers, designers and analysts have been working with Fortune 1000 companies delivering successful solutions for over 30 years.

We can help your organization:

  • Define roadmaps and strategies
  • Evaluate technologies, products and architectures
  • Develop applications, services or API's
  • Rapidly build proof-of-concepts
  • Leverage cloud services and big data

Logicdrop can assist in or manage any part of your technology initiatives and provide a complete solution, from inception to delivery.

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Department of Defense
St. John Providence Hospital
Wells Fargo Bank
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Freddie Mac
Team Detroit
Carmichael Lynch
Kickdrum Technology Group
Novation Analytics
Detroit Trading Company
General Physics

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