The all-in-one platform for business automation, decisions, and data intelligence

Logicdrop Sparks is a low-code platform that helps enterprises design their own business automation solutions and run them on the cloud at faster speeds and lower costs than conventional approaches.

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Sparks Compute

Business rules engine for automating decisions, classifying, and augmenting data

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Sparks Data Mesh

Distributed data service for high-performance cross-database queries and analytics

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Sparks Documents

Smart template engine for assembling dynamic content and documents

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Powerful alone, better together.


Batch process rules and augment data in real time

Use Sparks Data Mesh to connect to any SQL or NoSQL database and stream or send batch data to Sparks Compute for real-time anomaly detection, augmentation, classification, and more.


Take your document automation strategy to the next level

Automate the assembly of even the most complex documents with a simple drag-and-drop designer coupled with the most advanced document automation engine on the market. Create reusable smart templates that react to changes to your data in real time.

Logicdrop was the obvious partner for us as we looked for novel ways to manage the incredible complexity and scale of healthcare data, analytics, and reporting. We will now have the ability to further customize solutions that manage tens of millions of episodes of care without having to write a single line of code or sacrificing performance.
Kurt Skifstad, PhD
CEO, ArborMetrix

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