Accelerate your processes with business automation

Fusion is the fastest way to build cloud-native business automation solutions.

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Logicdrop Fusion BPMN Modeling

Fusion lets you create and manage business automation solutions in the cloud easily

Logicdrop Fusion lets users deliver their own business automation solutions quickly. It minimizes common barriers and complexities, reduces costs, and increases the return on investment.

Make informed decisions

Make Decisions Faster

Fusion helps you automate processes so that you can increase accuracy, reduce costs, and minimize errors. It gives you the power make decisions faster.

Analyze and enrich data

Analyze and Enrich Data

If you are a business looking to derive meaningful insights from a wide variety of data sources, Fusion can collect, analyze, transform, and enrich data to or from any source.

User and developer friendly

Built for the Cloud

Fusion was designed from the ground-up to enable organizations to focus on delivering and managing solutions in the cloud with the least amount of cost and complexity.

Fusion is perfect for...

  • Streamlining processes
  • Adopting business rules
  • Analyzing and enriching data
  • Creating dashboards
  • Enhancing workflows
  • Building microservices
  • Quickly exposing APIs and data
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Increasing ROI
  • ... and much more!

Let's get building!

Logicdrop Fusion was born to solve the need for a dependable, scalable, platform that reduces the costs and complexity involved with delivering business automation solutions in the cloud!

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