Logicdrop Releases New Business Rules Platform That Brings Data to Life

Detroit-area software company unveils public beta of their rule-based decision software

Posted by Marissa Ceccato in NewsRoom

FERNDALE, MI (AUGUST 11, 2016) - Logicdrop, a fast-growing small company specializing in the development of rule-based decision software, has unveiled the first public beta of their flagship software, Logicdrop Studio™. At over a decade in the making with partnerships with industry leaders, the software enables clients to tap into the massive value of their data by leveraging rules they can create and manage in a user-friendly way. By enabling companies to easily build and run user-defined validation, computation, and predictive rules using their own expertise, Logicdrop promises to transform data into actionable results for their users.

“Our platform is helping people explore the possibilities of what can be done by blending their data and rules,” said KimJohn Quinn, one of Logicdrop’s founders. “For example, one of our clients processes a set of almost one hundred thousand rules in near real-time to drive complex vehicle computations and analysis.”

The software is currently being piloted at major automotive, healthcare and financial institutions, for uses including dashboards, mathematical computations, and legal document generation. Logicdrop Studio™ can be deployed either in the cloud or behind a corporate firewall. The beta program is open to clients of any size pending an initial review with registration at http://www.logicdrop.com.

About Logicdrop:

Logicdrop provides smart solutions to companies by leveraging the right technologies, processes and expertise. With specialization in expert systems, rule engines and automation, Logicdrop has built its reputation by building innovative applications, offering first-class technology services and providing high-touch consulting to Fortune 1000 clients nationally.

About Logicdrop Studio:

Logicdrop Studio™ is an intelligence platform and open API built with today’s savvy business user in mind. It enables companies to centrally manage and run rules and processes they create by pairing a natural business language alongside their own data and expertise. The modular application provides a wide variety of pluggable dashboards, designers, document generators and third-party integrations that can help analyze data and take action.



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