• Digital Goals Are Dreams With Deadlines

    Centrally manage and publish your content and data, then use it everywhere.

  • Detroit Powered

    Staffed with computer science students from Michigan universities and colleges.

  • Digital You Don't See

    Connect your business and your customers with robust enterprise services.

What We Do

Logicdrop is a boutique technology firm specializing in the development and integration of enterprise services and applications that need to blend multiple sources of content and data with business intelligence and reporting.

  • Content Management

    Logicdrop can help your organization build a complete digital ecosystem by implementing an end-to-end content management solution that integrates your enterprise applications, social media, analytics, CRM, ERP and e-commerce platforms using Magnolia CMS, Adobe Experience Manager, or any other CMS platform.

  • Enterprise Services

    With the rise of cloud and mobile platforms, you are faced with the challenge of becoming quickly overwhelmed by the resulting explosion of information...

    Logicdrop can combine your content and data into scalable services and expose them to your partners or customers so you can seize this opportunity and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Technology Enablement

    Logicdrop can work with you to navigate all your business requirements and help develop technology strategies tailored specifically to your needs.

    Our experience with Java, .NET, Python, Javascript and mobile platforms puts us in a unique position to augment and update your existing applications or develop new ones.

About Us

Founded in 2012, Logicdrop's mission is to provide content management solutions, enterprise service development and high-touch technology consulting to our clients.

Logicdrop provides an attractive alternative to larger technology companies, staffing firms and offshore resources, by leveraging students, from local universities and colleges, for all of our staff.

We have the spe­cial­ized skills and versatility, in both technology and process, re­quired to meet the needs of the most demanding organizations.

Meet The Team

Our core team consist of experienced technologists, architects, consultants and mentors intermixed with talented developers, who are computer science students from local universities and colleges.

Most students fill developer roles, but other positions range from project managers and marketeers to web designers and testers.

  • Aaron Spaulding

  • Alan Yik

  • Bashar Fadil

  • Grant Sweeney

  • Jared Grabill

  • John Shuell

  • KimJohn Quinn

  • Lena Semyvolos

  • Linda Holloway

  • Marlene Reed

  • Nadir Falta

  • Omar El-Haik

  • Thong Van Nguyen

  • Tyler Garavaglia

  • Robot

Our Clients

Logicdrop caters mostly to automotive, health care, financial, legal and digital marketing industries.

Below is just a sample of the many companies transforming their business and seeing dramatic results with Logicdrop.

Our Partners

Since 2003, Magnolia CMS has been focused on flexibility, ease-of-use, usability and design. Magnolia CMS' features offer these to both business users and developers. Magnolia CMS has the perfect mix of usability, power and flexibility to help your team optimize digital channels. It's also perfect to solve the challenges your industry is facing.

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