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Sparks Documents delivers customized, data-driven documents on demand.

Repeated documents that require complex customization for each use are tedious and time-consuming to create. Sparks Documents shaves days or even weeks off of the document assembly process by embedding business logic directly in the document. Using powerful logic designers, your subject matter experts can automate every detail of the content, structure, and styling of your documents, ensuring a perfect document every time.

Data Collection System

Publish customized documents across all channels

Data Insights

Provide downloads in any format, plus web preview

Transform Data

Embed dynamic documents in your own applications

Continuous Validation

A beautiful API makes integration a breeze


Simply the best document automation engine, period.

We believe in selecting the best tool for every job. With this in mind, we designed Sparks Documents to deliver a first-class API, advanced styling features, and true rule-based automation seen in no other document automation product on the market. Most importantly, it integrates tightly with your existing workflows, processes, and applications, leaving them to do what they do best.


Drag-and-drop document template editor

Author your document templates in a powerful desktop environment. A fully integrated word processor will give your authors the familiarity of popular office suites without having to jump between applications to make document changes. The document outline view allows easy browsing of all the tags and rules in a document, and a live preview reflects changes to a template in real-time.


Make costly compliance failures a thing of the past

Sparks Documents enables teams to build smarter document templates and promotes reuse by adapting existing templates and rules for new use cases. This means fewer template variations to manage and fewer errors.


Create a knowledge base

Instead of having complicated business rules scattered in miscellaneous departments, or worse yet, existing only in the minds of key subject matter experts, Sparks Documents allows your team to build a centralized knowledge base for all your document business rules. This gives your team a “single source of truth” with rules that are auditable, versionable, and testable.

Sparks Documents is perfect for automating

  • Commercial contracts
  • Compliance reports
  • Financial reports
  • University documents
  • Lending documents
  • Personalized correspondence
  • Mortgage documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Dynamic manuals
  • Personalized white-papers
  • Government applications
  • ... and much more!

Loaded with developer features

Sparks Documents is the only document automation engine that compiles your templates to real computer code under the hood. This allows you to represent any logic you can imagine, including extending your documents with custom logic written in the Python programming language. Sparks Documents can even be embedded in your own applications.

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