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A platform for enterprise teams to bring cloud-enabled data processing applications to market faster.

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Spend less time building infrastructure and more time solving problems that matter.

Data Collection System

Collect data and build queries with powerful APIs

Data Insights

Derive deep insights from simple to create rules

Transform Data

Transform and augment data in real-time

Continuous Validation

Run batch operations in a scalable infrastructure

Thousands of vehicles can now be simulated at once. No competitor of ours is capable of this scale. 60,000 vehicles can be simulated in 3 minutes compared to the weeks or even months it would take others to complete the same work.

President, Automotive Supplier

Behold, the power of rules.

Representing complicated data processing logic with traditional software code quickly grows cumbersome. Logicdrop Studio solves this issue using a rules-based approach. By designing processing logic using rules, teams can represent complicated logic trees with ease that are testable, auditable and react to changing requirements faster.


Beautiful APIs to augment your applications.

Quickly augment your applications with rich data ingest, query, and data transformation APIs. Whether it is real-time scoring or bach processing of data, Logicdrop Studio gives your team the tools and flexibility to integrate anywhere.

The Logicdrop Platform was born to solve our own need to accelerate the development of transformative applications for our clients. Now, we are sharing it with the world.

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