Logicdrop Sparks Release: 4.2.1

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Sparks Portal Updates & Bug Fixes

Sparks Portal version 4.2.1 includes new features that support a user friendly environment, miscellaneous bug fixes, and updates.

Ability to execute rules right from the Portal

Traditionally, executing rules was a tough and strenuous process requiring a lot of planning and code. We simplified the process of creating and executing rules with our Business Rules Engine. We simplified this process even more by allowing users to execute created rules from the Sparks Portal.

Ability to create freeform rules

Create rules at ease in a user friendly environment. This update allows the user to focus more on the project and focus less on syntax and character placement.

Ability to view imported decision table rules

This feature allows the user to analyse and interact with the rules imported from the decision table.

Ability to debug/execute a sub-set of rules in a ruleset

This feature allows the user to debug or execute a sub-set of rules within a ruleset. Debugging traditionally could be quite the challenging task. The ability to debug and execute your rules allows you to be much closer to a functional final product.

Ability to manage containers right from the ruleset page

The Sparks Portal allows users access to an interface where they can access and manage containers without having to utilize an API.

Ability to import an example project

Through the use of a well designed and logical user interface the Sparks portal allows for a fast learning curve. We want all of our users to utilize the portal to it’s fullest potential. We designed an example project that allows the user to get started on their own projects with initial insight.

Ability to filter data records

The ability to manage data records is important. Filtering the data records allows the user to narrow down results, encouraging an efficient and accurate work-flow.

Misc. bug fixes & updates

We do our absolute best to keep our applications as user friendly as possible. The remainder of the bug fixes and updates were done to iron out any problems previously encountered within the portal.


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