BI: Business Intelligence Rundown

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BI: Business Intelligence Rundown

What is Business Intelligence and how do I use it?

BI provides an overview of historical, current and predictive business operations. This includes reporting, processing, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, business performance, benchmarking, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. In short, there are tons of data that can be used to inform you on how to make your business run effectively.

That’s cool, but how can I get this data?

The first step for business intelligence to work is the need for data, and lots of it. Gathering up all of your data and metadata, can look like a jumbled mess. However, if you use the right tool it can help you easily gather, analyze, and visualize your data warehouse. It should have operational BI, analytical processing, enterprise reporting, ad hoc analytics/querying, and data visualization capabilities.

This is all overwhelming, can’t I just automate it?

You can! When we distill all this information, it’s just math and code; “If this happens, do this, or add these two together”, It can really be that simple.

Alas, with huge amounts of data sprawled across multiple databases, or even sites, it is never as simple as it sounds. Fortunately, we here at Logicdrop have built the software to simplify it for you.

So, what does Logicdrop Studio do?

Logicdrop Studio, solves this issue with accuracy AND speed. We’ve created this product using a rule-based approach. By designing and processing logic with rules, we allow teams from different industries to find insights and represent their data accurately.

With Logicdrop Studio, you will be able to react to changing requirements much faster than before.

Ok, so now what?

Keep informed and updated! Your tools are only as smart and as agile as you make them. If there is something you want to be one step ahead on, take the time and plan it out.
It will be worth it in the long run, and your company will thank you!

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