Logicdrop Spotlight: Making a home in the STEM industry

Posted by Ashley Shuell in STEM careers

There’s no doubt that STEM careers are changing the landscape of the US workforce, educational sector, and military technologies; but what about the individuals who have transitioned from non-STEM backgrounds to STEM careers? What prompted them to make the change?

Seven out of the ten largest STEM occupations are technology related. In fact, over 40% of Logicdrop’s team members have transitioned into the STEM field from other careers. We have many individuals with diverse backgrounds in careers that were so far-fetched, you would think they would have never fathomed the thought of joining the STEM world. We draw on this rich experience to better solve problems, challenge the status quo, and think creatively. Let’s hear their stories!


“I didn’t see a fruitful life in a non-STEM career, I didn’t see myself working in politics for the rest of my life, so I tried to self learn basic programming. Noticing that my skills were progressing, I decided to go back to school to learn it fully. Logicdrop greatly facilitated my interest towards my new career choice. They provided me with tools and taught me how to use them.”

“I was no longer feeling challenged in my role as a journalist. I had always entertained the notion of going into STEM, but didn’t feel the push to make the leap until having been in journalism for a while and realizing it wasn’t what I enjoyed doing. So I started coding in my spare time, and after completing the front-end program at Grand Circus, Logicdrop took me under their wing and I haven’t looked back.”

“I’ve had a lot of ‘past-career-lives’, from a fine artist, a pharmacy technician, to an instructor in philosophy. Although I loved every industry I’ve been a part of, nothing has compared to the rush of designing and developing software.”

The STEM of Logicdrop

The Logicdrop culture creates a haven for fellow learners to not be afraid of asking questions or making mistakes. Logicdrop shows a great diversity of knowledge through different backgrounds our team members have gained throughout their non-STEM careers. This allows us to be able to pull from different career disciplines in order to help us provide our clients with access to a greater scope.

Logicdrop is equipped with two powerful founders, KJ and Jared, who have created a rich environment for motivated individuals that are looking for an exciting new change. Switching career fields can be a huge risk,but with such knowledgeable CEO’s, an active culture, and an open learning environment, making the STEM industry their new home couldn’t be easier here at Logicdrop.

“Each study also practices different regimens of problem solving, being able to understand different approaches and apply them to a problem is also a great example of how different backgrounds help in the success of the team they are in, as well as the success of the person”

  • Nadia Dehkordi Business Executive at Logicdrop.

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STEM careers

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