Logicdrop Spotlight: Software Developer

Get to know the team that’s building the future of data analytics in the heart of Metro Detroit, Michigan.

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Get to know the team that’s building the future of data analytics in the heart of Metro Detroit. Through this blog series you will gain a certain familiarity of our innovative team, and a first look at exciting upcoming features that are being implemented or in the works for Logicdrop Sparks.

Bashar Fadil

Describe your journey into the tech field.

I was a union organizer for SEIU (Service Employees International Union), one of the biggest unions in America. I would organize people and educate them on the various benefits of unionizing, how to effectively work together, and ways to improve their workplace. It took a great deal of patience and strategy. Although I enjoyed the challenges, I knew I needed a career change. So, I went back to school when I was 26 to get my associates in software engineering, I then accepted an internship position with Logicdrop and the rest is history.

“The culture is one of the best aspects about Logicdrop.”

How has Logicdrop strengthened your abilities as a programmer?

Logicdrop has tremendously improved my abilities as a programmer. They built me into what I am today and gave me the courage that I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else. I started off as an intern knowing very little, but was trained through the projects and tasks they gave me. I gained most of my knowledge on the job. They not only gave me the confidence I needed to be successful, but helped me gain the knowledge necessary to be a great programmer.

What keeps you here at Logicdrop?

I love the work environment. I love that I still get challenged with new projects even though I’m a veteran here. The culture is one of the best aspects about Logicdrop. I actually care for my co-workers because we all feel like we are working towards the same goal.

If you had all of the data in the world what question would you try to answer?

I would like to know why people are so gullible and easily manipulated.

If you could share a drink with anyone (fictional or nonfictional) who would it be?

Definitely Alan Watts, I have been a great fan of his for a while. I just bought a shirt with one of his famous quotes: “Did you forget to dance?” Get it? It’s about loving your life as it is now, by enjoying the journey through life, not just thinking about what is next. It’s being happy with what is happening now.

Bashar Fadil has been with Logicdrop veteran for 4 years. He is well versed in Javascript, HTML, CSS. Bashar brings a wonderful personality to the culture of Logicdrop. There is never a dull day when Bashar is in the office. Bashar Fadil holds the title of senior front-end developer.


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