Logicdrop Spotlight: Data Scientist

Get to know the team that’s building the future of data analytics in the heart of Metro Detroit, Michigan.

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Get to know the team that’s building the future of data analytics in the heart of Metro Detroit. Through this blog series you will gain a certain familiarity of our innovative team, and a first look at exciting upcoming features that are being implemented or in the works for Logicdrop Studio.

Shawntaria Burden

What inspired you to crossover to the data analytics field?

Facilities Management was great, but I had a mathematical background and that passion was not being satisfied. I always felt like something was missing. Taking a software development course sparked my passion in technology, and led me to realize that the best way to satisfy this need, was to make my way into the tech industry. My new role as a data scientist, at Logicdrop, allows me to satisfy both my passions.

“I love everything about this role, I would say that I have found my dream career!”

What is your number one challenge as a data scientist?

My number one challenge as a data scientist is continuously finding and creating the most efficient algorithms and processes to implement, in order to ensure that our software is always the most efficient in the market. Just when you thought it was the best, you can make it even better. And we do.

What aspect of working with big data do you enjoy the most?

You can never get bored in this field because it’s so diverse! There are no boundaries. I learn new content everyday and learn how to innovate within my role. It’s amazing what technology can do accompanied with mathematics, which is my other passion! I love everything about this role, I would say that I have found my dream career!

What field were you working in prior to coming to Logicdrop?

I was in Facilities Management. My position previous to this was a Site Manager for Coca-Cola World Headquarters of Atlanta, GA, and a couple of other close sites. My team was comprised of 100+ employees that helped ensure that we provided great environmental/maintenance services. I also held a Project Management role, ensuring that all projects were completed efficiently and effectively.

If you could share a drink with anyone (fictional or nonfictional) who would it be?

Katherine G. Johnson! This woman broke so many barriers, and is someone I can relate to. How she thought outside of the box and did not let the unknown get in her way, is extremely inspiring. She also saw value in old forgotten algorithms that came to be diamonds in the rough for NASA!

Shawntaria L. Burden has been with us since January of 2017. She has been a wonderful addition to the Logicdrop team with her committed and motivated attitude towards all of her projects. She works with Java-based rule platforms on a daily basis, skimming through large amounts of datasets. Shawntaria L. Burden holds the title Data Scientist at Logicdrop.


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