Logicdrop Studio Features

Logicdrop Studio is an intelligent, cloud-enabled software platform that offers dashboards, designers, document generators and third-party integrations that can help analyze data and turn it into actionable results.

Logicdrop Studio

Process, analyze, and transform data using rules

Logicdrop Studio was built from day one to enable savvy business minds to tackle the toughest challenges in decision automation, business intelligence and data analytics all without the need for complicated computer code or lengthy development cycles. By creating business rules in Logicdrop Studio instead of having developers write custom code, our clients leverage the versioning, auditing and security of our rule authoring environment along with the performance and scalability of our distributed cloud environment. Furthermore, because your rules compile to real code, they are just as fast.

The many practical applications and uses have included:

  • Healthcare data analytics
  • Realtime decision automation
  • Insurance risk evaluation
  • Computing vehicle emissions data
  • Business intelligence and validation
  • Alerting of fraudulent or uncommon behavior
  • Creating micro-services

Under the Hood

Lightning fast execution

Logicdrop Studio can employ an army of rule processing and document generation nodes which can scale to meet even the highest demands. This ensures the fastest processing possible of rules, analytics, and documents. Using Logicdrop's proprietary technology, your rules are converted to real computer code that is run inside of our high-performance cloud infrastructure or behind your firewall.

Open API and customization

Logicdrop Studio has a complete API - meaning that every single aspect of the service from creating rules and templates to publishing documents can be controlled programmatically to interface with your own software or 3rd party apps.

For example, the API can be used to:

  • Create a question/answer form to expose to clients to generate a published document
  • Display rendered documents pixel-perfect on a website
  • Generate custom email content for each recipient of a newsletter
  • Generate financial prospectus PDF documents when the data changes
  • Create an importer to automate the creation of rules or templates
  • Automatically update a project schema when an internal web service changes
  • Perform real-time risk analysis and validation by invoking rules on demand


The real power of the Logicdrop Studio comes in its extensibility. Add-on integrations can be dropped in seamlessly to support any business need. Custom integrations can even be developed by our consultants for self-hosted deployments.

Logicdrop Studio

Build, manage, and test rules and templates

The Logicdrop Studio Designer is a client-side application which provides a complete environment for the design and testing of your rules and document templates.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

The rule builder in Logicdrop Studio Designer uses an innovative approach for defining logic by using a simple drag-and-drop interface. A rule is built by dragging logic nodes (statements) into a workflow. If you can build a flowchart, you can build a rule. The rules you create can control the outputted document text, format data, change a font or paragraph style, and much, much more.

Integrated document template editor

The document template editor in Logicdrop Studio Designer provides a fully integrated word processor with all the familiarity of popular office suites without having to jump to another application to make document changes. The document outline view allows easy browsing of all the tags and rules in a document. A live preview of your rendered template instantly reflects the changes you make to your template in real-time.

Logicdrop Studio

Generate documents anywhere

Logicdrop Studio Documents is a web application which allows users to perform one-click publishing of your document templates. Publishing a template is as easy as selecting the input record and choosing the output format, and for our cloud-hosted customers can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Pixel-perfect previews

Using our web rendering technology, a document preview can be shown with perfect accuracy in any modern browser or mobile device. This ensures that both the publisher and recipient can examine a document with confidence before it is published to its destination.

Data Source

Connect to any data source

Whether your data is hosted on-premise, provided on demand, or pulled from a 3rd party application Logicdrop Studio's growing number of data source integrations can get your data securely connected:

Supported data sources

  • SQL Databases
  • MongoDB Databases
  • MS Access Databases
  • MS Excel or Google Sheets
  • Web services (XML or JSON)
  • 3rd party applications (Salesforce, SharePoint, etc)

File Types

Work with multiple document formats

Logicdrop Studio supports a variety of document formats for both imported templates and published output:

Supported template file types

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PDF
  • Rich Text (RTF)
  • HTML
  • Plain Text

Supported output file types

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PDF
  • Rich Text (RTF)
  • HTML
  • Plain Text

Security and Auditing

Protect your knowledge

Security is important to us, and it is important to our clients. Building on time-tested best practices and rock solid infrastructure, we take the utmost care in protecting and isolating client data. Using our container based deployments, cloud hosted clients are completely isolated in single-tenant virtual servers. We understand however that no matter how secure a hosted environment is many of our clients have security policies which dictate that sensitive data simply cannot be moved off premises. For these clients we offer a multitude of solutions from VPNs, hybrid deployments, and finally on-premise deployments, using the same container approach which makes deployment and maintenance a breeze. Your IT staff will love you, and you may even put a smile on that face of your stubborn director of security.


Every user account you create for Logicdrop Studio is assigned permissions which dictate which roles that user can perform - authoring and modifying rules or templates, publishing documents, viewing data, etc. These permissions can be assigned on a per-project basis so that teams may operate independently with permissions set for their own projects.

Auditing and versioning

Actions performed in Logicdrop Studio leave an audit trail, so a full history can be accessed of every template change or publish action. Furthermore, templates are versioned so that any prior version may be retrieved, compared or restored.

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